An excerpt from our forthcoming column in The Mesa Republic:

We’re glad to see our fair city is encouraging everyone to participate in Earth Hour.

In case you didn’t get the memo, Mesa will be among 4,100 cities from 87 countries whose residents will dim their lights for an hour Saturday night at 8:30 p.m. local time to call attention to climate change and energy conservation.

Around the country, monuments such as like the Empire State Building, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City, the Las Vegas Strip and Simon Cowell’s soul will go dark for an hour.

The Earth Hour Web site, myearth, has a bunch of cool videos with ideas on how to observe the event, but frankly if you can’t figure out what to do for an hour in the dark, you’re not watching enough Cinemax.

We know some of you don’t believe in climate change, but, still, turning out the lights can save you a few bucks, which you could then donate to your favorite charity. Did we mention we were on furlough last week?

Anyway, it must be OK because a bunch of red states like Florida, Arkansas and Georgia are doing it along with as well as the pinko states.

— John D’Anna