To pee or not to pee?

August 7, 2009

From the people who came up with the best idea for wax since dental floss comes the latest green innovation, one that puts a new twist on the phrase “golden shower.”

A Brazilian enviro group wants people to conserve water by ahem, making water. In the shower, if you get our drift.

According to this story from the Associated Press (motto: Half A, Half P), the group SOS Mata Atlantica says that if every household reduced its number of flushes by one a day, it would save nearly 1,100 gallons of agua a year.

To accomplish this goal, they’re recommending that we all pee in the shower.

They’ve even got a television campaign narrated by kids urging people to sprinkle below while they’re being sprinkled from above.

Kind of reminds us of that old Seinfeld episode where George almost gets kicked out of the health club for that very same offense.

ELAINE: You went…in the shower?

GEORGE: Yeah, so what? I’m not the only one! <Kramer enters with his quilt.>

ELAINE (to Jerry): Do you go in the shower?

JERRY: No, never.

ELAINE (to Kramer): Do you?

KRAMER: I take baths.

GEORGE: Well, what was I supposed to do? Get out of the shower, put on my bathrobe? Go all the way down to the other end? Come all the way back?

ELAINE: Ever hear of…holding it in?

GEORGE: Oh, no…no, that’s very bad for the kidneys.

ELAINE: How do you know?

GEORGE: Medical journals!

JERRY: Do the medical journals mention anything about standing in a pool of someone else’s urine?

Anyway, we think this idea could have benefits beyond conservation.

Remember a few years ago when Big League slugger Moises Alou said he peed on his hands  to toughen them up?

Maybe it does the same thing for feet, which would be a tremendous benefit in our martial arts career.

Guess that’s what they mean by “go for gold.”

— John D’Anna